How to Promote a Musical Event: 3 Excellent Tips

You have probably already heard the saying “If you ride it, they will come”.

With musical events, this is not the case. Especially if you don’t have any big names on the bill. Once you have booked the site and the artists, it is time to start promoting. This process should start as soon as possible. In this article, we will share with you our best tips on how to promote a musical event.

Whether you are planning a career in music events or trying to introduce your band on your own, the organizational work required is enormous. Sometimes, promotion is relegated to the bottom of the to-do list, to the detriment of your concert.

Following the tips below will help you to allocate your time more wisely for the promotion of your event.

1. Do not neglect physical advertising

46% of all advertising is expected to be online by 2021. We spend a lot of time on the Internet and on our smarphones. But sometimes, traditional methods remain the best, and being able to target the local audience is one of the key advantages. Nothing more traditional for a musical event than physical advertising.

A poster for your concert is essential. It’s an opportunity to get people’s attention. And you can usually post them for free in a lot of interesting places. Concert posters have become an art form with some excellent examples.

People tend to block all forms of advertising, which forces her to interfere through the subconscious mind. This is not true for concert posters. Many people in music shops, clubs, concert halls, pubs and bars like to pay attention to which bands are playing. Give them something to look at!

Physical advertising may only cost you the price of printing. Placed (with authorization) in the right place, it is always very effective and creates a “visual memory” for a more lasting impression.

2. Involving artists

In doing so, you must be careful not to isolate or irritate the artists you have booked. Some concert promoters only allow artists to play if they promise to sell a certain number of tickets to their fans. This is not a very good way to keep a cordial relationship with your artists.

When booking your groups or artists, discuss with them ways they can help you promote the event. Their goal is to play against as many people as possible, so it is in their best interest to try to get their fans to come.

Sharing the concert on social networks or sending emails to their fan base doesn’t require much effort. The more careful you are about making the other steps of the promotion, such as creating beautiful artworks, the easier it will be to convince people to share the concert.

3. Simplify the purchase of tickets

Have you ever been redirected to a ticketing site with an amateur look? Perhaps you have already planned to buy tickets before you realized that it was impossible to get them online?

There is no excuse for not having an online system so that people can buy their tickets for your event.

Once you have done most of the work to make your event attractive, don’t give your potential customer any reason not to buy the ticket. A site looks amateurish, bad payment choices, or a confusing buying process can all lead to a cancellation of the purchase.