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Steve Green   1949-2013

Stephen Green, creator of Steen Harp Co., died at the age of 64 on July 26, 2013, with his family by his side at his residence near Roderfield, West Virginia. A pilot, motorcyclist, kitchen designer, harp builder, bass singer and local businessman, Steve lived his life to the fullest. He had a wide variety of interests and talents that have brought smiles to many faces who have crossed his path through the years – young and old. Those who knew him, however, knew a man who loved his family and God with an intensity that far exceeded any hobby or business interest he ever pursued.

Steen Harp Co. is no longer receiving new orders.



Handcrafted Levered Harps

Welcome to Steen Harps, home of levered harps designed and crafted by artisan Stephen Green. Carefully selected high-quality materials are hand-tooled in the foggy hills of West Virginia in a tradition that harkens back to the harps of antiquity. Over two decades and many happy customers later, the same time
and discerning care are crafted into each new instrument.

"Perfecting the harpmaker's art since 1988"

What owners say:

"I 'test drove' lever harps for three years before I found that special instrument that 'sang to me'. When I heard a Steen harp for the first time, I fell in love with this tone, the brilliance, and the audible volume of the Steen Concord. This harp provides all the musical colors that I need to play various styles of music - traditional, classical, folk, gospel, jazz. The sound is so resonant and alive! The bass is rich and full, the midrange is clear and responsive, and the treble rings like a bell. I enjoy playing my Concord and always delight in its ability to create the sound I hear in my mind."

Frank Voltz, Gospel Jazz Harpist and Recording Artist

“I love the rich, magical sound of my Argyll. People always comment on the beautiful full tone! The spacing fits my hands perfectly for faster Irish music. Before I got my Argyll I started to injure my hand with wide spacing and gut strings, and I am thankful that I switched to Savarez/fluorocarbon strings and a more comfortable spacing. I've only had a few strings to break in three years! The harp is finely crafted. The harp holds its pitch and the finish is silky smooth. Truitt levers are my favorite. What more could I ask for?” — Sunita's harp music crosses the genres of Jewish music, Celtic music, New Age Music and World Music and has carved out a unique place in the world of the Celtic harp and Irish harp.

Sunita Staneslow, Professional Harpist, Recording Artist, Author

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